IP Address Management Site

Goal: To convert a previously unfinished bootcamp project from AngularJS to Vue.js and redesign the frontend of the site.

I am a part of a small group during the web developer bootcamp that was pulled out to do a work-ahead project with Vue.js. Last bootcamp's cohort left an unfinished group project for a client who needed a better IP Address Management system than the current spreadsheets he was using. We were tasked with redesigning the site and converting as much of their frontend code as we could from AngularJS to Vue.js during the one-week timeline.

Connect Four

Goal: Create an online Connect Four game using PHP and Laravel.

My intro project to using PHP and Laravel.

Sorting Hat with Vue.js

Goal: Create some version of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter that sorts users into one of the four Hogwarts houses.

A solo project created during my web developmet bootcamp to reinforce the JavaScript framework Vue.js.

JavaScript Calculator

Goal: Create a basic calculator with JavaScript.

As a part of learning JavaScript, I created a basic calculator to run basic operations. Technologies used were HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Insights Revisualization

Goal: To modernize the Kapost Insights app and make data visualizations more digestible for our customers, so they can more easily gather the analytics they need to make more data-driven decisions.

This was a six-month project that I was involved in from project brief to feature release. This project spanned both my design and product positions at Kapost, so I initially collaborated with the Product Manager on this as the Product Designer through whiteboarding, wireframes, lo-fi and hi-fi designs, and then transitioned to Product Owner where I wrote developer stories, performed QA and worked with the developers to deploy and release the project to customers.

Gallery Analytics

Goal: Show how content is performing in a quick and digestible design so consumers of the Gallery can make a data informed decision of what and when to share to prospects.

I was brought in after the initial brainstorming stage of this project and was responsible for creating the initial wireframes with Balsamiq as we went through iterations with our Director of Design and Product Managers. I then turned those wireframe ideas into low-fidelity mockups for UX research with external customers and eventually created the hi-fi's for the developers to work off of.

Kapost Color Palette

Goal: Begin the "Kapost platform unification" with one of the most fundamental pieces of design, the color palette.

Through the past several designers, developers, and design trends, the Kapost app had become quite disjointed and inconsistent from a UX perspective. I worked exclusively with the Senior Product Designer at Kapost to do an audit on the colors in the app and completely overhaul the color palette using both Sketch and GitHub, keeping in mind our platform's Material Design roots.

Global Settings

Goal: Use Product & Engineering's week-long hackathon to prove the importance of having a more centralized Settings page and user experience in the Kapost platform.

Using one of our quarterly hackathons at Kapost, I spent a week auditing the various settings pages we have in the software. I worked with two of our Product Managers on bucketing the pages into better categories and then created wireframes to visualize the new organization of the pages and hi-fi's to present the new design concept to the department at the end of the week.

5spot Shop

Goal: A sustainable logo and website creation for a new company.

5spot Shop was a company that promoted and sold responsible, sustainable products. As a freelance project, I worked with the founder of 5spot Shop to create the logo as well as each of the graphics used on the website to have the entire site up and running within a 10-week time frame.

Joy Project

Goal: Visualize the passion and purpose of the Joy Project charity in a circular logo.

The Joy Project is a charity that was founded in 2013 to help better the lives of people in the Lexington, KY community. I worked with one of the co-founders to create a logo and other materials for them at the inception of the charity.